Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Matt Meselson

Matt Meselson talked at UNC today and will now study aging in rotifers.

Sketch of Matt Meselson

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Imhotep said...

You're drawing a lot and that's good, but you are repeating the exact same mistakes every single time. You'll never get better that way, no matter how much you draw. We naturally break down what we see into a collection of symbols. To draw, you have to get over that and see your subject as one single entity. Not two eyes, nose, mouth, face line, etc... But rather as a bunch of small inflections and shades of color.

Force yourself to spend more time on each one you do. Not just cranking it out and then picking around it adding detail, but spend time trying to capture every little detail of the subject, as accurately as possible. Then you will begin to improve. Also, try drawing from an upside down reference. It helps break up the symbols we normally see.